Founded 2011.
Iswar Srikumar, 1979, Delhi
Anuskha Meenaskhi, 1980, Mumbai.
Live in Chennai, India

U-ra-mi-li has presented and shared final works, but also the processes of making, and work-in-progress during their travels, in schools, community gathering spaces, and homes of people whom they have met; as well as in more formal spaces, including: Ranga Shankara Theatre (Bangalore), India Foundation for the Arts (Bangalore), Adi Shakti (Pondicherry), SPACES (Chennai), Kalakshetra Foundation (Chennai), Somaiah Centre (Mumbai), The Hive (Mumbai), CAMP (Mumbai), National Centre for Performating Arts (Mumbai), Back To The Land UnConference (Chennai), Terranigma im West46 (Vienna). They made a special film on mining for the exhibition, No it wasn’t the locust cloud, at the National Gallery of Modern Art (Mumbai) in 2016. Their archive and work can be found at pad.ma and uramili.in