The Infinite Library


Daniel Gustav Cramer

1975, Düsseldorf

Haris Epaminonda

1980, Nicosia.

Live in Berlin, Germany

“The Infinite Library” is an ongoing project, started in 2007. Originating with existing publications dating from the 1890s to 1970s, the artists create new volumes by borrowing pages from different books and rearranging them according to associations of ideas, forms and materials. Using second-hand books, usually chosen for their visual nature, different modalities of intervention are applied on the printed matter. In some cases, new and incongruent graphic motifs are printed onto images, while in other ones two copies of the same book are mixed together in order to double each page. In other cases, again pages from two different books are juxtaposed, thus creating surprising hybrids. The Library was shown in various exhibitions, including CAC Seville, Spain 2016, Villa du parc, Annemasse, France 2015, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe 2012, Museo di Palazzo Poggi & Biblioteca Universitaria, Bologna, Italy 2010 and 5th Berlin Biennale, Neue Nationalgalerie, 2008.