Sanket Jadia in collaboration with Mario D’Souza


Sanket Jadia
1991, Surat.
Lives in Surat and Delhi, India

Sanket Jadia was artist-in-residence in the third iteration of the Of Games Residency at Khoj International Artists’ Association in an Artist-Curator synergy with Mario D’Souza. He also participated in the Khoj Peers program (artist-in-residence, 2014). His group participations include ILF Samanvay (2016), Indian Summer Festival (2016), Level 01 (2016), Activating Space (2015), Crosstalk (MVA-2015), Peers Share (2014). Sanket completed a Master of Visual Arts from Ambedkar University, Delhi (2015) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from VNSGU, Surat (2013).


Mario D’Souza
1991, Baroda.
Lives in Goa and Delhi, India

Mario D’Souza is a curator, writer and researcher. He currently works as a curator at Khoj International Artists’ Association, New Delhi. His present projects include Gazing/Grazing – resource and its sourcing people (2011-ongoing), Food – Fodder (2013) and Ambedkar’s Kitchen (2015). He was invited to take part in the exhibition Level One (Khoj International Artists’ Association, 2016) following his participation in Khoj’s Of Games III Residency (2015). In 2015, he was also the critic-in-residence for the Khoj Peers Residency. His curatorial endeavors include Maquis (ongoing), Patron/Pagan (ongoing) and Metonymies/Synecdoches (Red Earth Art Gallery, 2015). D’Souza graduated with a degree in Art History and Aesthetics from MS University, Baroda (2015) and holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Literary History with a Program in Journalism from St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad (2012).