Natak Company


Founded 2009 in Pune.
Active in Pune, India

Natak Company is a contemporary theatre group. Since the past seven years, the group has been encouraging artists to bring in different perspectives to the creation, presentation and dissemination of new theatre practices. While critically responding to the socio-political and economic changes of the time, Natak Company has presented experimental, as well as entertaining, theatre productions – Dalan, Geli Ekees Varshe, Mi…Ghalib, Ek Diwas Mathakade, Kabaadi-Uncut, Item, Bin Kamache Sanwad and Sindhu Sudhakar Rum ani Itar. Through the meaningful engagement with playwrights from different generations and diverse contexts such as Dharmkirti Sumant, Ashutosh Potdar, Sadanand More, and Satish Alekar, Natak Company has evolved new approaches to the creation of content and form, to the expression of time and space, and use of the body and language in theatre.